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Ads overlay interface

Love the app however new version ads overlay the top of screen so you cant see the app info

nice weather app. many scenes you can adjust for each location.

nice weather app. many scenes you can adjust for each location. you can even have photos for your location. animated weather and interactive time changing. with sounds. has animals, cars, people that move . my fave is the town. at night you can turn the building lights on and off. though if you get down to 300MB free space it tends to reset cities back to default. it now has a warning it can be unstable with less than 750 MB space. Doug qa engineer / tester / enhancement suggester / helper Remember: if its not broken, dont fix it, enhance it = coninuing improvement !!


One of my fav weather app. Most of the time accurate.

Clever and as spot on as a weather report can be!

Love the choice of scenes and minutiae. When it rains, for instance in the beta town mode, the townsfolk carry umbrellas. But the best part is the simple to use, concise and very well organized screen. So much info in one area and it makes perfect sense. Advance the time and the scene changes to reflect changing weather. Fun and accurate! Everyone I show this to smiles and asks what its called. Highly recommended.

nice weather app

nice and cute idea, works very well!



Very accurate weather and super design. Love the town.

Yo Window Wetter

Super App,macht richtig Spaß

Mostly accurate

Better than other apps , attractive user interface and accurate information.. I always rely on it..

Best weather app

Ive downloaded lots of weather apps these past few years and this is hands down the best one yet. Its so accurate and very visually pleasing.


Great app, lots of fun to share with the kids.

Yo Window

Love it! More enjoyable than the local weather station. Sound effects fab! Animation delightful!


Great app - I like it lots. Get to see the rain and snow and wind on interesting backgrounds. Can even use your own. Would be good to have other backgrounds too. Like on the farm or in the mountains or at the zoo Etc. ( I know it takes a lot of work to make them) I do like the town one. Thank you.

Love YoWindow

Fun app to see the weather. "Live" screen changes to reflect the weather outside (I.e. If its snowing, youll see snowflakes).

Yo weather

I love your site all the movement is great!! But I personally would like to see precipitation amounts ie: snow accumulation in centimetres and rain amounts in millimetres. Other than that keep up the good work!!!!


Molto Ben



Nice and impressively accurate

Love it.

Fun weather screen

Yo window zero is a fun app to have on your iPhone. It keeps you up to date on weather, the only thing I woulld like better if I could get my homme town on it. I had to settle for the clostest town to us, but it alll good!


I believe its the most accurate and fun.

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